クロアチアワイン FERAVINO 「フェラヴィーノ」

 クロアチアワイン FERAVINO 「フェラヴィーノ」

Wine production at “Feravino” winery goes back to 13th century. Agriculture has always been very important part of economy in this part of Croatia. The climate for growing grapes that give top quality wines, especially white, was very generous.

In terms of quality winery follows all necessary regulations of EU to make sure that health and satisfaction of consumers is guaranteed.  

Slavonia is not the most visited part of Croatia. For summer days it is understandable that most people want to go to Adriatic Sea. It is a place where you can enjoy summer the most.  Slavonija is for those people that want to experience even more laid back and old fashion way of life. It is cheaper than costal part of Croatia and Croatia white wine is cheaper. 🙂
Somewhat best time would be spring or autumn because summers are hot and unfortunately there are problems with mosquitos in this part of the country. So much so that they are important subject for any elections.
It is mainly agricultural region with few industrial sites which are so few that I cannot remember any example right now. Before war in 90s industry was much more common, metal industry, textile industry, tires, shoes etc.
Non the less wine industry is still strong and is getting more competitive each year.   All of larger wineries of Croatia are in this region because of endless (nothing is endless though), and very mild climate that was suitable for wine production since Roman times.

Adria Trade Co.,Ltd. has started working with Feravino (Osilovac d.o.o.) in 2018 and since than we have had a very good experience in terms of professionalism and support. The consistent quality of products gives us confidence to promote and introduce their wine.  


グラシェヴィナ 白

メルロ 赤

フランコヴカ 赤

Miraz - グラシェヴィナ 白

Classic - ピノ ブラン 白

Classic - カベルネ ソーヴィニヨン 赤